This runs pretty much like a midrange. Start with ramp and/or stall untill you can play a ridiculous amount of tokens. Flash in Hornet Nest with Chord of Calling for a surprise blocker to get tokens. If your opponent is not really playing creatures, you can at least give him the bird with Swan Song, and use Setessan Tactics to get tokens that way. One you have enough mana, or creatures (for Chord of Calling ) play Hornet Queen, and coppy her over and over. If you have no cards in hand. Try to return Mercurial Pretender to tour hand and play it over and over with any excess mana. Simple but effective.

Right now I'm looking for something better then the clones creatures to run in the main. Chord of Calling makes any creature have flash, and I can likely have a high casting cost because the Hornet Nest helps with convoke.


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