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I think I am close to my final version now. I have a good mana curve, a few good creatures to defend against the abundant aggro decks (smiter, thalia and reckoner) and some good game changing bombs.

Ideally, my 2-3 drops defend against early aggression and use my power cards for card advantage. Smiter and Reckoner are great 3 drops against aggro. Domri Rade is mostly for (a chance at) extra draw and the fight on demand. The fight ability from him and my Ulvenwald Tracker works amazingly well with Boros Reckoner but I can use my other guys. Other than the Mizzium Mortars, the fights are my spot removal. Thalia is there to slow control decks and aggro decks, she works as a great lightning rod for removal/creature hate to make way for my larger threats.



pacis_victus says... #1

I'd highly recommend running at least singleton basic lands of each color you need. You'll be totally screwed against Blood Moon decks, and without any basics you're missing out on benefiting from Path to Exile . You should also be running Birds of Paradise instead of Avacyn's Pilgrim , or if you've got money to burn Noble Hierarch .

June 18, 2014 1:33 a.m.

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