Angry humans pinging damage and getting bigger when they're around other angry humans. Champion of Lambholt can get bigger with +1/+1 counters from Increasing Savagery , Timberland Guide , or Revenge of the Hunted and then be the biggest bitch on the field, making all my humans unblockable. General Human pumping comes from Mayor of Avabruck  Flip and Hamlet Captain whenever he's doing something. Chandra, the Firebrand is there to be an extra threat and possibly copy Thatcher Revolt , which can be used with Battle Hymn to use Burn at the Stake . If not, its nice to have some pumped Human tokens with Haste running out. Any suggestions are fine.



TheOne4221 says... #1

If you don't mind deviating slightly on the humans theme, I'd say throw in Quirion Dryad . You have a lot more red instants and sorceries than green, so it will be getting buffed up pretty quick.

July 4, 2012 11:39 p.m.

jhawkshead says... #2

mayor with thatcher and lambholt is awesome...

July 8, 2012 1:05 a.m.

Azure124 says... #3

whats the budget

July 19, 2012 8:48 p.m.

jermtube says... #4

well i'd say the most expensive thing in the deck are the dual lands, champions and the planeswalkers... what do you have in mind?

July 19, 2012 9:35 p.m.

FoxOn36 says... #5

Kessig Malcontents could potentially inflict large amounts of damage on ETB.

Consider upping the Mayor count to 4. Even if it flips into Howlpack Alpha  Flip  Flip, it still powers up the champion (via wolf tokens).

If your budget would allow it (or you get lucky), Bonfire of the Damned is a nice thing to have.

Although it's rotating soon... Stormblood Berserker is a very nice human creature to have.

July 20, 2012 7:07 p.m.

I like the turn 3 Champion of Lambholt turn 4 Increasing Savagery synergy you have here, only thing that's bad about it, is that 1 Vapor Snag can make 2 of your turns a complete waste :( I feel like your deck suffers the most here from Vapor Snag.

July 20, 2012 9:10 p.m.

But other than that.... I really like this deck :D Looks really fun to play. +1 from me.

July 20, 2012 9:12 p.m.

jermtube says... #8

ah yea Blue is tricky like that... but thanks for your vote! its hard to work against countermagic, not much you can do except try to beat them as fast as possible.

July 20, 2012 9:32 p.m.

Azure124 says... #9

If blue is a concern to you throw Daybreak Ranger  Flip in the side board it messes with delver a lot. Kessig Wolf Run isn't a bad choice for you. Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip is never a bad choice if you want to spend the money on him. And last but not least Wolfir Silverheart paired with Champion of Lambholt wins games. Maybe Birds of Paradise to get turn 2 Champion of Lambholt isn't a bad idea but it may rotate out and I'm not sure if this is strictly post rotation.

July 20, 2012 11:27 p.m.

Jokernaught says... #10

i'm going to suggest Riot Ringleader over Kruin Striker . I know the trample is nice but the fact that your Champion is going to benefit the most Ringleader. A mid game Thatcher is going pack a heavy punch if you have both Mayor and Ringleader out. I can see it having more synergy then plain old Striker.

July 20, 2012 11:50 p.m.

Jokernaught says... #11

And it's waaaaaaaaay Budget.

July 20, 2012 11:52 p.m.

jermtube says... #12

i originally had 4 Riot Ringleader s before i decided to use the Mayors, so you may have a point. still, i enjoy having some 2-drops. i'll definitely consider that suggestion.

July 20, 2012 11:55 p.m.

Jokernaught says... #13

Mayors were a great choice here.

July 21, 2012 2:37 p.m.

Ohthenoises says... #14

Honestly? IMO you should be running 4x Kessig Malcontents . By running so many 2-3 ofs you are really hurting your consistency. You want to be running 4x of all of the cards that will PUNISH your OP. You're not ramping into anything on turn 4 so there is no reason to have Borderland Ranger (you may be ramping into the FB of Increasing Savagery but Kessig Malcontents will end the game before you ever would need to flash it back) so my thought is this:

-3 Borderland Ranger -2 Increasing Savagery -1-2 Timberland Guide for +2 Kessig Malcontents +1 Mayor of Avabruck  Flip (mainboard) +3-4 Blessings of Nature . I think you might find that this will speed your deck up by a lot.

Having your mana curve top out at 3 will really help your speed and reduce your reliance on lands.

August 28, 2012 10:26 p.m.

jermtube says... #15

that's an interesting point about the Borderland Ranger s. They weren't necessarily meant for ramping into a big creature as much as they were around to fetch the color mana i needed, since a lot of these spells require more than one mountain/forest to cast. still, i really do like Kessig Malcontents as long as my humans are staying around on the board the way i want them to. their ability won't be as useful if my creatures are being picked away by removal or something like that.

August 28, 2012 10:52 p.m.

Ohthenoises says... #16

Kessig Malcontents + Thatcher Revolt is STUPID strong.

have 5 lands > play revolt > play hymn > play malcontents > ? > profit.

August 28, 2012 10:55 p.m.

Ohthenoises says... #17

Also, if you need color fetching Evolving Wilds does it turn 1 at the expense of a tapped land and seeing as you have 0 1 drops.....

August 28, 2012 10:57 p.m.

jermtube says... #18

i wanted to make this deck after i came up with my Thatcher Revolt > Battle Hymn > Burn at the Stake combo. as long as i have a few other creatures out besides those tokens, that does some serious damage. the Malcontents combo you mentioned seems to work like that too.

August 28, 2012 11:01 p.m.

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