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Gideon, the overpowered Planeswalker

Modern Midrange Soldiers Spirits Tokens W/B (Orzhov)



Wahoo, reached rank 1 so far with this one, ty all!

Well, I personally hate Planeswalkers, but a friend of mine keeps playing them in almost every deck he has and drives me nuts with it on regular bases. So I thought I'll overcome my hate and build a deck around these morons myself. Luckily enough, Gideon of the Trials just was released and boy, this is one bad guy. The Emblem, the manacost, much wow, many whats :) But enough for the intro and let's jump in to the deck to see what we got ourselves into:

-The Plainswalkers-

  • Gideon of the Trials: Our assurance! Cast him, get your Emblem and sit back and wait what's coming along.
  • Gideon, Champion of Justice: The substitute player for Gideon of the Trials. Cast him as soon as you can (but hopefully after his little brother) and abuse his +1 ability. He literally has nothing else to do than secure our Emblem.
  • Sorin, Lord of Innistrad : As you will see, the other half of this deck will be all about tokens, so here's a Planeswalker which fits this purpose quite perfectly. Use his +1 ability and fill the board constantly. Occasionally his -6 can come in handy.
  • Elspeth, Sun's Champion: Keep on flooding the board with tokens by her +1 ability. Like with Sorin, Lord of Innistrad , the -3 can help us controlling what's going on on the board if needed.

-The Tokens-

-The Control-

This deck is still draft, so if you see any chance for optimizations, let me know. Feedback and +1's are welcome all the time :)


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