Eternal Command


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Shouta Yazooka's original 2012 deck included the namesake interaction, which involves using AEther Vial to flash an uncounterable and free Eternal Witness into play to return Cryptic Command to your hand. This allows the pilot to essentially to lock the opponent out of the game by using Cryptic Command to counter the opponent's plays while returning Eternal Witness back to your hand, which can then be vialed back into play, essentially allowing the pilot to recur and use Cryptic Command indefinitely.

This is essentially a tempo deck with a brick wall late game, but can suffer from clunkiness, so I took out most of the other expensive spells in favor of cheaper, tempo oriented options.Abbot of Keral Keep's printing led players to explore it in an AEther Vial shell, and I think uncounterable draw spells with prowess are fantastic with cheaper spells. It's not great early game, which is why there are only 2, but combined with the amount of burn in the deck can make a great clock (not to mention it make use of the setup Serum Visions provides).

One thing I noticed before the deck fell off the radar is that in a deck with Snapcaster Mage and Eternal Witness, the stock lists played a ton of 4 ofs. I think by including many redundant but unique singletons and draw spells, the deck becomes a lot more versatile, capable of using its graveyard almost like a toolbox in the late game while keeping early game interaction.


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