Ajani's Chosen is the trump card of this deck. Almost every single creature is an enchantment and he pumps out more creatures as I play creatures. When Ephara enters the battlefield when Chosen is on the field, I get a card on the next turn and a free 2/2 cat. This deck can function as easily without Ajani's Chosen. Ephara adds a cantrip effect to my creatures, which increases the already effective voice of resurgence. My enchantments make a 2-for-1 situation almost impossible except for the ethereal armor, which is too good to pass up on adding. Selesnya charm is either an early game flash defense, or a large creature/god removal.Detention spheres are always good removal and devotion enablers. The best part of this deck is that it is always consistant with scry lands, draws from ephara, and just overall amazing synergy. Once I get and keep one of my 4 drops on the field, it starts to snowball out of control.


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Won 1st at FNM. Fought through GR Monsters, America Control, a weird UG Monsters, and WR burn. Lost a game during a couple matches due to some draw issues, but most decks get that problem. I may add courser of kruphix to my board to help out with a few matchups with aggro and burn, but otherwise the deck is still solid.


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