My take on Esper Control. It should be able to handle just about everything standard.


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Took another FNM! This marks this deck's fourth win and I WILL be rocking this for a game day event, if there is one coming up.

First round was Mono-White. It has become quite routine, playing against this and so so many identical decks. Supreme Verdict them Aetherling for the win. She caught me offguard with a flying fabled hero in the second game, but got the doom blades in to recover. 2-1

Round two was red/green devotion. I totally needed to side board against this foe. He ran many small creatures and brought out the big ones with devotion to green. Same method, though.. Supreme verdict, then hit them back. Doom blades went in again, which tells me that I may need to start main decking them. 2-1

Round three was white/blue. First game, he had to mulligan down to 5 cards and that's always a good advantage to me. I usually take over games when they lose their hand. This game went 2-0. I had to much creature control against his half-creature, half-pump deck.

Round four was mono-blue with thassa. This game was back and forth. It became another control game after the first win. I immediately dropped down Aetherling on turn 7 and he scooped the following turn. Gainsays and a couple doom blades went in. He pulled the second game. Last game in this match-up was clinching. Aetherling made all the difference against this opponent.

Last round was red/green again...same player. He conceded, so we can split the packs. =]

FNM Win Count at 20!!!



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