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Competitive 1-turn Noble



2-card-combo with the Blistercoil Weird and Paradise Mantle. Go for cantrips, generate mana and storm the hell out of your deck. Just add water and win on turn 1 or 2 with attacking and/or Grapeshot. ;)

Noble is Reshape to get the Paradise Mantle. 4x the weird as UC. Maybe I'll cut Ideas Unbound for Ponder or Brainstorm. Thoughts?


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This deck is not Noble legal.

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Illegal cards Blistercoil Weird , Cerulean Wisps , Faithless Looting , Gitaxian Probe , Grapeshot , Ideas Unbound , Lotus Petal , Manamorphose , Paradise Mantle , Peek , Reshape , Seat of the Synod , Serum Visions , Sleight of Hand , Thought Scour
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+1 Reshape main
+4 Seat of the Synod main
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+4 Ideas Unbound main
-4 Serum Powder main
-4 Quicken main
-4 Visions of Beyond main
-3 Paradise Mantle main
-4 Island main