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Welcome to my Deck! This is a Mono-Green Agro Stompy deck. I do NOT own this deck yet. I love suggestions and comments. Here's the break down.

Power Creature

Strangleroot Geist , Kalonian Tusker , Leatherback Baloth , Ground Breaker, Reverent Hunter . These are some OP creatures. Their only goal is to out power your opponent.

Pump Spells

Rancor, Aspect of Hydra , Vines of Vastwood. I play Rancor as a recurring pump spell and helps on devotion. Vines of Vastwood as protection. Aspect of Hydra might be the best card in the deck at times. Most of the time aspect gives a creature +7 on turn 4.

Other spells

Birds of Paradise and Collected Company. Birds of Paradise is a great ramp spell and contributes to devotion. Collected Company can hit every creature in the deck and most of the time hit 2 creatures. Coco is good in other agro match ups.


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