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Beat my Meat (1.5 Noble)

Noble* BG (Golgari) Combo Rock Tokens



Rules: Introducing Noble: the Format. 1x Fresh Meat 4x Spawning Pit. This is my first Noble-Deck, suggestions and more cards to complete this are very welcome.

Maybe use Demonmail Hauberk or Grafted Wargear to sac? The problem is the sorcery speed... Also I thought about Young Wolf, but what should I cut? Is it better than something which is already in the deck? At first I'll keep Spawning Pit, which could generate a second round of tokens, too. What do you think? To bad Skullclamp is banned, hum? :D

Removed 1 Sprout Swarm, 4 Echoing Courage and all 4 Thalid Shell-dweller. Added 3 Carrion Feeder, 2 Beckon Apparition and 3 Doom Blade. Splashed Black for this...


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$20 for a Deck in this Format seems pretty fair. Actually it's the cheapest deck in this Format we created so far. While building this deck virtually, I fell in love with the idea. I just hated most creature decks for a long time due to 'Oh, an Wrath-Effect? Auto-Loss...'. But this seems too solid to stay virtual. +1 if you like, critiqs are very appreciated! :D


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This deck is not Noble legal.

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