This is more or less my first self build Deck. If my card choices and/or my Strategies are flawed, please let me know!

Hello everyone! I gave this Deck an overhaul and am now going to Also explain the card choice. But first i want to Tell you about the General idea behind this Deck. This is meant as a casual Deck, even tho i want to keep it modern legal. The idea behind the Deck is to play as many face down cards as cheap as possible using Obscuring Aether and morphing them when needed, which is why there are so many situational cards With a High value in comparison to cost like Ainok Survivalist and Stratus Dancer. The wincon is just overrunning the enemy, and using Sagu Mauler or Hooded Hydra to finish them off, or if that doesnt work, using Ixidron.

Value cards: These have a High Value in comparison to their Morph cost (Not the three colorless every Morph card Has), even tho they may be situatonal.

Stratus Dancer

Den Protector

Gudul Lurker

Ainok survivalist

Dragon's Eye Savants

Temur charger

Icefeather Aven

Deathmist Raptor(only fits to An extent)

Ramp: Rattleclaw Mystic

Obscuring Aether

Trail of Mystery(to An extent)

Big attack creatures: I think the General purpose of These is clear, but im really unsure which of These i should include in the Deck. I think ill go With Deathmist Raptor and ixidron, but i really need your advice Here.

Hooded Hydra

Deathmist Raptor


Sagu mauler

Lands: Yavimaya Coast - Instant colorless Mana and double color for a bit life seems fitting for a Morph deck

Tomb of the Spirit Dragon - colorless With a bit utility

Zoetic cavern--same as the tomb

Thornwood Falls - direct Upgrade to simic guildgate( i didnt want to spend too much money, i know there are even better)

Other: cards im Not Sure of the purpose of, they just seemed like good cards.

Coral trickster

Deathmist Raptor

Trail of Mystery

Ghostfire blade

Thanks in advance for your help.


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