Obscuring AEther


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK) Rare

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Obscuring AEther


Face-down creature spells you cast cost 1 less to cast.

1G: Turn Obscuring ther face down. (It becomes a 2/2 creature.)

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Obscuring AEther Discussion

Feyamius on Animorphs, go! (Animar morph EDH)

2 months ago

I'd cut Dream Chisel, you don't need it with Animar. Obscuring AEther is really bad as well, you could swap that for Mastery of the Unseen (the life you'll gain out of this is incredible).

I'm actually surprised that I can't find Ixidor, Reality Sculptor in your list. I'd prefer him over Dream Chisel a thousand times. If it has to be an artifact, I'd recommend Strionic Resonator. Morph itself is a static ability, but the things happening when a creature is turned face up (may it be written on the morph creature itself or on something like Aphetto Runecaster (which you definitely could use as well)) can be copied with this nice little thingy.

solarPULSAR on Looking for cards that synergize ...

5 months ago

Hey all, i'm trying to find cards that synergize specifically with face-down Morph cards, like Brine Elemental.

So far I have only found two non-creature spells that do a direct effect for face-down critters, like Obscuring AEther and Secret Plans . So far, im trying to keep the colors to Simic , but im considering splashing black possibly. Any card ideas you guys can throw at me would be awesome!

jonmaior on How could you be so Heartless? (Competitive)

6 months ago

sunshine1223: that is not how Obscuring AEther works. A normal morph card costs to play facedown as a 2/2 creature. With Obscuring AEther all of your morph cards cost to cast as a morph instead of . Obscuring AEther doesn't effect the cost to turn a morph card face up. I have Obscuring AEther in the deck so that you can play mana Morphs in combination with Heartless Summoning (and also because it can be played on turn 1)

sunshine1223 on How could you be so Heartless? (Competitive)

6 months ago

The problem with Obscuring AEther is that it only affects the Den Protector and the Ainok Survivalist.

berentsons on Megamorphing Abzan Rangers

1 year ago

Your right most of the cards have rules with flipping up. Maybe add Shape the Sands into the sideboard in case of flying creatures with hexproof. Is having enough mana ever a problem? You may add in Obscuring AEther having that one extra mana could help you in the long run.

piebandit on Modern Morph

1 year ago

Is this for Modern or Legacy?

I find Ghostfire Blade to be generally superior to Salt Road Ambushers, as it's a 1 time version of the same effect, for much cheaper.

I'd also recommend Obscuring AEther to ramp the morphs out. cut islands in favor of forests, as trail of mystery can find the islands you need. I'd honestly add some non-basics, or add white for Mastery of the Unseen

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