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Goblin Tribal is a deck I've been wanting to do in Standard from the time I returned to the game (about 3 years ago) after leaving it in the mid 1990s. It's an iconic tribe and there are iconic cards-- and now there are enough to make an interesting Standard deck!

There's not much to describe here. The deck is an aggro red deck stuffed full of goblins. Have fun!


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I took this to FNM and gave it a try. I didn't have high expectations, to be honest, but I do think the deck is fun to play. Thus, I played it because I wanted to have fun. I was not disappointed!

2-0 against Golgari Midrange. Good matchup for this deck. Golgari midrange is just a bit too slow. While big, very scary threats like Doom Whisperer and Steel Leaf Champion hit the battlefield, they did so too slowly and I just went around them as I was able to go wide. I kept their early threats and mana-ramping Llanowar Elves off the battlefield and got in enough quick damage and developed a wide enough board that when the bigger threats hit by turn 6 or 7 I was swinging for fatal.

0-2 against Boros aggro with angels (for lack of a better name). Had some mana issues, but it wouldn't have mattered. Both games, Lyra Dawnbringer came down on turn 5. That's just too much for a goblin deck... Solid deck and a bad matchup for me. This opponent got 2nd at FNM.

0-2 against Golgari control. A lot of removal and my opponent wasn't shy about using it. He kept my board as clear as possible until he could stick threats way too big for me to handle. I managed to get the life total down to single digits both games, but it wasn't quite enough. This was not a typical Golgari deck at all-- very different from any "normal" Golgari deck. Very control based, so not a good matchup for me. Nice deck, though, and it won FNM (1st).

Given that my two losses were to the people who got 1st and 2nd, I feel pretty good about how I played. I had a lot of fun playing the deck and I got to play some of the fun creatures in the deck ( Legion Warboss , Siege-Gang Commander ), and I generally had fun! At the end of the night, that's really all that mattered!



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