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Ouuuww here comes a stinker for the opponent. The deck rewards you simply for playing it and sacrificing everything.

Gixian Infiltrator and Blood Aspirant form the base of the deck. Well protected by Goblin Chirurgeon, they can grow faster than their shadow. Especially when Krark-Clan Shaman comes into play. Sacrifice everything, gain everything. The faster the better.
Some artifacts already bring treasure tokens. With the Sticky Fingers you can further build up your token production. You should prepare well for the attack and invest your money beforehand.
In this deck, the Krark-Clan Shaman is a real weapon. There is also a small combo. Krark-Clan Shaman must be equipped with Gilded Pinions and Vampiric Link. The lifegain works even if you damage your own creatures. However, they don't die cause these are constantly growing while you sacrificing permanents.
Ideally, on your last turn you eat up your entire board with the Krark-Clan Shaman or Makeshift Munitions and hit your opponent in the solar plexus with a Temur Battle Rage.


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