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So a Feather CAN knock you down...

Pioneer Budget RW (Boros) Theme/Gimmick


I only recently found the idea for a Feather, the Redeemed deck, and I just ran with it. I decided that I could make it a modern deck rather than standard, so that I could add Theros into the deck (since Favored Hoplite works so well with the deck, and Phalanx Leader is good too).

Any suggestions are welcome, especially if you have really good green suggestions (since I want to have an excuse to add Season of Growth back in!). Also, I need some help re-doing the sideboard to exclude green. I'm not good at making sideboards.

I've tested the deck in the playtest thingy that TappedOut provides, and in a vacuum, this deck is a pretty consistent T 4-5 win.

I'm thinking about swapping 2x Rile for 1x Samut's Sprint and 1x Coordinated Assault . Thoughts?

Update: I made this a "pioneer" deck instead of modern, since it fits within the list and is more likely to win in pioneer. I don't know why a bunch of the cards in this deck are "not pioneer legal". I checked the list of accepted sets and the banned list, and none of these cards should be illegal.


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Completely redid to make this a modern deck instead of standard. Also took out green, since it wasn't quite worth the splash.


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