I think gearhulks are badass and I wanted to find a way to exploit them, specifically their ETB triggers.

So, I made this deck. I've already bought it and playtested against some friends and it performed consistantly well. The late game of this deck is bananas. Next step is to try it out at FNM.

  • Panharmonicon is the bread and butter of this deck, if you resolve it and you still have a decent amount of life you pretty much already won.

  • Seekers' Squire Does a ton for this deck. It increases the consistency of the deck's play by giving you more options or making sure you don't get mana screwed, allows you to dump a gearhulk in the graveyard to Refurbish, gives you a body to suvive with (a sizeable one at that), and it works with panny. All around solid.

  • Cathartic Reunion is great for card filtering and even greater if you dump a gearhulk then Refurbish

  • Unlicensed Disintegration boops them for 3 and is an insta kill card of course it has to be in here.

The Sideboard is all about breaking combos like GPG, stopping hard control players, and fighting back against ramunap red. If its missing something let me know.


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