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Fun With Politics! (Conspiracy 2 Draft Deck)

Limited Control WUB (Esper)



I built this deck in a semi-casual Conspiracy 2: Take the Crown draft with some friends. I was initially going for more of a spellslinging feel after I P1P1'ed Arcane Savant , but later picks such as Duskmantle Seer, Ascended Lawmage, and Ghostly Prison quickly pushed it in the direction of an "oh you thought you were going to be playing Magic"-type deck. The end result was an Esper control deck whose one goal is to ensure that nothing gets done and anything the other players try to do gets shut down immediately. In other words, just like politics.


Custodi Peacekeeper -- 3, 5
Spire Phantasm -- Did not guess correctly
Garbage Fire * -- 9

*While this may seem irrelevant, the number for Garbage Fire actually ended up mattering a lot. I originally hate-drafted it to prevent my friend next to me (who was actually in red) from getting it, but I then realized that even though it was completely out of my colors, it could still be used with Arcane Savant . I ended up using this to kill a 9/9 Pyretic Hunter , and later bouncing and immediately replaying it to get rid of a buffed-up Sphinx of Magosi.

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