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Flayer Husk is Real



I've been a big fan of artifacts over the years, but rarely do I include colors when making an artifact themed deck, but all that changes now. I'm looking to make a themed deck that heavily involves artifacts for each color of the pie. This is my first attempt using white.


This is a not so subtle deck revolving around artifacts--particularly equipment, which white has a lot of interaction with.

  • Puresteel Paladin, Stone Haven Outfitter, & Auriok Steelshaper - These cards really make the deck work. Mostly it involves getting a Puresteel and/or an Outfitter out and then using them to your advantage to cast equipment and draw cards off of them.

  • Flayer Husk - I'd say that this is, hands down, the most fetched artifact within the deck. If I don't have one to play on the first turn, I generally will use Steelshaper's Gift to get one. It doesn't seem strong, but consider that with a Stone Haven Outfitter in play, it is a 2/2 for 1. Likewise, I can spend two mana to move it to the outfitter (or any other creature), giving it effectively +2/+2 and drawing a card. With a Puresteel, that move is free (and I get to draw a card when I cast it as well).

  • All other equipment - This is basically a toolbox deck. I've include basically one of each of the rest of the equipment to give the deck a way to deal with basically any threat. Between the various swords, you can have protection from any color in the game and have access to a series of powerful effects.

Card Draw and Enchantment/Artifact Removal:

As the decks I make are casual and do not have sideboards, any deck tries to conform to two stipulations: it must be able to deal with artifacts/enchantments (preferably at least two cards) and it should also have some element of card draw. Both of these features should attempt to stay on theme whenever possible.

  • Disenchant - While not exceptionally original or groundbreaking, disenchant accomplishes the artifact/enchantment removal component and semi-stays on theme (it's white). I would like to have something that was a little more equipment centric, but this works in a pinch.

  • Puresteel Paladin & Stone Haven Outfitter - When this deck gets going, you really draw quite a few cards. More so than most decks I create. This deck is actually bordering on too powerful for the level of decks I normally lay against.

Notable Exclusions

This deck was created long before Aether Revolt was a thing, so I suppose I should consider adding Sram, Senior Edificer to the deck.

Win Conditions:

Win conditions are basically to figure out what color(s) your opponent is playing and eventually dig for the appropriate sword to make your creature unblockable. If a creature dies, you wind up moving the equipment over to another critter and swinging again. Rinse and repeat until your opponent is dead.


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