Another in a series of Bloodbriar inspired pauper decks, this time Golgari colors with many cascading combo's. Based on a true story

This deck was built around/inspired by Bloodbriar aka "Brian", a fun, versatile creature in Pauper. For even more Bloodbriar action, check out these decks:

The Briar Bitch Project

  1. Land sac: Jackie Treehorn's Logjammin', by eyes2sky
  2. Permanent sac: The Life of Briar, by Gattison
  3. Creature sac: Briar Patch Kids, by eyes2sky
  4. Land/Creature sac: bloodgaear, by eyes2sky
  5. Creature sac & Ramp: The Incredible Lou Ferrigno, by Gattison
  6. Land sac: Hooty & The Briarfish, by Gattison
  7. Enchantment sac: Bullet for my Briarguard, by eyes2sky
  8. Creature sac & Ramp: Bryar Fury, King of Iron Fist, by Gattison
  9. Permanent sac: Leaping Fog Frog's, by eyes2sky
  10. Modular/artifact Sac: Bloodbriar's Sacrificial Altar, by eyes2sky
  11. Elf Sac: Venus Fly Twap, by LunaCelt


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