I have always wondered... What would Magic be like with Dinosaurs? Well Holy Jurassic Sh*t. Here it is. My first actual standard deck since the Kamigawa Block. It has served me well. I'm open to any suggestions. I will reply as soon as I can to them. Thank you for your time!


- Turn 1
Commune with Dinosaurs

Even though you lose the element of surprise. I suggest using Commune with Dinosaurs on first turn. Setting yourself up with a much needed Dinosaur or land on your first turn can prove vital later on. Don't be afraid to show off that sweet Carnage Tyrant.

- Turn 2
Drover of the Mighty / Otepec Huntmaster

_Between Drover of the Mighty and Otepec Huntmaster. I would normally choose Drover or the mighty. This is because of the utility of any color Mana. He also gets stronger as soon as you bring out a Dinosaur. But, on the other hand. Otepec Huntmaster haste granting ability can be a vital asset. If you have neither of these cards. I Suggest Commune with Dinosaurs for the extra set up. If you have nothing else to play. Or need more Mana for next turn _

- Turn 3
Ripjaw Raptor / Ranging Raptors

By this turn.You should be able to generate four Mana. If so, I suggest trying to get Ripjaw Raptor out first. His defense makes him harder to kill and not near as vulnerable to Lightning Strike. If he is damage. He enrages and you get to draw a card. If you are only able to generate three Mana. Use Ranging Raptors. Or even if you have four Mana and a Savage Stomp. When this Dinosaur gets enraged. You get a free land.

- Turn 4
Regisaur Alpha

Regisaur Alpha can make or break the match. His passive ability granting haste to everyone else. Makes him a invaluable asset. You also get a free Dinosaur token!

- Turn 5
Carnage Tyrant / Ghalta, Primal Hunger

Against control. Carnage Tyrant is the King of Kings. His invulnerability to being countered and targeted by spells. Is a real game changer. Ghalta, Primal Hunger is just a completely terrifying sight to see land on the field. You can easily get him out for just two Mana late game.


Savage Stomp / Thud/ Sarkhan's Unsealing< Br>

Savage Stomp should always only cost you one Mana. When used on a Dinosaur with Enrage. You get a triple treat. Making that Dinosaur Swole, Enraged, and Hungry. Just like an X girlfriend\Wife. As for Thud... Let us sit down and be serious right now. Just hear me out. Is their really a better way to win, then pushing over a 32'000 pound Dinosaur on to some unfortunate bastard? And last but not least. Sarkhan's Unsealing. Most Dinosaurs in this deck benefit this card. Can be an easy field wipe and mass damage.


Commune with Dinosaurs / Thunderherd Migration

Commune with Dinosaurs is a perfect set up tool. Getting the one card you need most out of the next few? Pretty big deal. Thunderherd Migration is great for any Mana ramp or Mana issues you are having. Should almost always cost you only two Mana.

-Side Board

Broken Bond \ Thrashing Brontodon

These two are dealing with Artifacts or Enchantments. Broken Bond gives you an extra Mana. As where Thrashing Brontodon Gives a sweet blocker.

Lightning Strike

Easy any target damage.

Crushing Canopy

Have a problem that's flying? Crush it.


-Deal as much damage as you can. It's best to swing with Ripjaw Raptor, and Ranging Raptors as much as you can. If one of them and the opponent monster kill each other. You still benefit from the Enrage.

-Careful with any deck that uses white. In this case. Don't swing all out unless they are tapped out or don't have enough Mana to field wipe you.

-Thud is best used on second main phase to deal massive damage with Ghalta, Primal Hunger, and Carnage Tyrant. Easiest way to win.

Disclaimer This Deck has many weaknesses. With some practice piloting. You can get by them just fine.

Thank all of you so much for taking the time to read all of this. Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas. Oh, and throw me a upvote if you enjoy this deck.


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I had splashed in some white to help control some issues. Decided to remove that.



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