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Suicide is occasionally the answer

Pauper Aggro Mono-Black Suicide Black Tribal Zombie



[DISCLAIMER:] Despite the connotations of the title of this deck, suicide is NOT, in fact, a viable answer for most problems. Don't do it.

Now, you may be wondering, "Why would anyone think suicide is an answer in the first place?" Well, let me tell you: the ultimate goal of a suicide deck is to make your opponent commit suicide faster than you can.

By killing them.

Before you kill yourself.

Pretty simple. This iteration of zombies looks to accomplish that task in two ways:

  1. By flooding the board with aggressive 1-2 drops and finishing off the opponent's life total in chunks with Shepherd of Rot and Gempalm Polluter or

  2. By beating down with large undercosted creatures such as Carnophage , Sangrophage , and Wretched Anurid (these are the ones that help you suicid). For best results, use both of these strategies at the same time.

Feel free to give any suggestions, I don't play pauper very often and am not very knowledgeable about older cards, so there could very well be one with the potential to fit in this deck.


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Lazotep Reaver has been working pretty well so far, so it'll probably be a permanent resident. Next up on the list is Witch's Cottage. It has potential to be good in the removal-heavy matchups, but it still has all the downsides that taplands usually have, so it might end up making the mana too awkward. We'll see.

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