Phyrexian Scriptures

This is the ultimate land destruction deck in Standard. The main combo is Fall of the Thran + Phyrexian Scriptures or Fall of the Thran + Remorseful Cleric .

Play Phyrexian Scriptures and wait a turn. Next turn, Phyrexian Scriptures will wipe their board of creatures and then Fall of the Thran will wipe their board of lands. On the following turn, Phyrexian Scriptures will empty their graveyard. Alternatively, play Fall of the Thran and empty their graveyard with Remorseful Cleric . Fall of the Thran will then return your lands but not your opponent's lands.

Smothering Tithe will slow your opponent and/or generate Treasure tokens which will generate mana and give you card draw with Treasure Cove .

Twilight Prophet is your main win condition. Getting the City's Blessing is easy and once you have wiped your opponent's lands away there's pretty much nothing they can do. Kaya, Orzhov Usurper is your alternate win condition. Her -5 will deal quite a lot of damage if you have exiled all of their lands. If your opponent has a lot of planeswalker hate, swap in Revel in Riches instead. This deck generates a lot of Treasure tokens, so it's not hard to reach 10.

I play Standard exclusively on Arena, here are my statistics for this deck:

BO1 - 53 Wins / 22 Losses

BO3 - 5 Wins / 1 Loss


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