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Silverblade Champion of the Archangel

Standard* Aggro Exalted GW (Selesnya)



Just one of my many standard decks and one of my personal favorites.


Turn 1 Temple Garden take 2 and drop Avacyn's Pilgrim

Turn 2 Plains drop Silverblade Paladin unpaired

Turn 3 Sunpetal Grove drop Sublime Archangel paired with Silverblade Paladin, swing 5/5 double strike with Silverblade Paladin

Turn 4 Increasing Savagery on Sublime Archangel swing 12 double strike for game.

+1s and comments are more than welcome!


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The latest update to the deck was swapping out the Champion of Lambholts for Knight of Glory. The protection from black made the Knight of Glory a force to be reckoned with. Especially when I dropped an Increasing Savagery on it.


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