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Mono Black Cabal - Pure Evil

Standard* Cruel Control Demons Mono-Black



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Mono black deck based around Cabal Strongholds ability to generate large amounts of black mana. Use that mana to cast high-cost black cards. Use cheap, low mana cards early on that can kill weaker creatures and force opponents to discard. Duress and Harsh Scrutiny are critical for this purpose. Just need to hold off opponent long enough to generate enough black mana to cast expensive win condition cards like Yargle, Belzenok, and Boneyard Parley. Includes good mid-level creatures like Ravenous Chupacabra, Dread Shade, and Gifted Aetherborne to defend against decks that summon creatures early on (like dinosaur decks). Masterminds Acquisition allows you to search for a win condition card once enough black mana has been generated. Thanks to Dark Bargain, it is highly likely that you will have one or more win condition cards (or a Masterminds Acquisition) by the time you have generated enough mana to cast them.

Edit 5/8/18 - Im considering adding Walking Ballista in some way. Let me know what it might replace well.


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+4 Walking Ballista maybe