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This is a Noble deck. If you don't know the format, google is your friend, or this deck will explain it:

Introducing Noble: the Format

Noble* graft

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Noble : Maze's End

Unco : 2x Sylvan Scrying and 2x Urban Evolution

Win Con : Maze's End. You need to control 10 differents guildgate and you win the game

You NEED to put a land at every turns. If possible, you have to drop more than one land. It's possible with Explore, Urban Evolution and Walking Atlas .

You need to play a different gate every turn. You search in your library with most of the cards.

You want to stay alive for 8 turns (win con). For that, you need to gain some life and have protection. That's why there's Sunspire Gatekeepers , Saruli Gatekeepers and Fog.

When you have to search in your library for a land, you want to pick : Boros Guildgate, Dimir Guildgate, Izzet Guildgate and Rakdos Guildgate. You only have 1 copy of these land. If you get more than 1 time a guildgate, you can change it with Crop Rotation

Even if lands give a color of mana, then don't have a color. They are considered like a colorless card. So you can choose them with Ancient Stirrings .

202.1b Some objects have no mana cost. This normally includes all land cards, any other cards that have no mana symbols where their mana cost would appear, tokens (unless the effect that creates them specifies otherwise), and nontraditional Magic cards. Having no mana cost represents an unpayable cost (see rule 117.6). Note that lands are played without paying any costs (see rule 305, "Lands").

202.2. An object is the color or colors of the mana symbols in its mana cost, regardless of the color of its frame.

202.2b Objects with no colored mana symbols in their mana costs are colorless.

Suggestion, feedback and vote (+1) are welcome. Thx! :D



Very nice, +1. I like how everything works together here. My only suggestion, and I'm not sure what to take out for this, would be a playset of Cloudshift to bounce your "ETB" critters to cash in on that extra knight/life/gate more than once. Then again, it may not be that necessary. Something to consider at any rate.

November 24, 2014 9:11 p.m.

Frytrix99 says... #2

I don't think it will be that usefull. I use Sunspire Gatekeepers and Saruli Gatekeepers, but they are not the core of the deck. It's more for having a presence in play and gain time. If i really need to save them or something, i will use Fog (that is better than gain 7 life). For the Gatecreeper Vine, I already have a lot of cards to search for the gates. I'm not sure i need to trigger the ability a second time. The only problem with the deck is the speed. I can't play more than 1 land every turn (.. except with some cards that I already have). All the other cards are there to gain time.

Thx for the +1 !!!! And thx to comment! It's very appreciated! :D

November 24, 2014 9:37 p.m.

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