Victory or Death ~ Mardu Midrange

Standard* JeppeFugl


Testing —Jan. 12, 2019

Testing a version with contempt and mortify

rpbxiii says... #1

I like this as I already thought a similar Mardu Midrange!

How about put Knight of Malice instead of Tithe Taker ?? Knight could goes easily becomes a 3/2 thanks to your white Permanent on T3 (History of Benalia or Adanto Vanguard).

Plus, I like Mortify really much instead of Lava Coil because is our only way to deal with enchantments & I see Kaya's Wrath more like a Sideboard card against aggro decks, how about replace 2x of Wrath with a couple of Vraska's Contempt?

January 8, 2019 8:31 a.m.

JeppeFugl says... #2

rpbxiii Thanks for the comment and the upvote!

I like Knight of Malice since it plays both roles in this deck. I would consider it depending on how removal shapes up. I do however want to specify that having two agressive two drops in a midrange shell is really important for having some sort of pressure versus control. Midrange typically beats up on aggro since it has more removal, bigger butts and this deck especially with mainboard Lyra Dawnbringer. Tithe Taker is an okay card versus aggressive strategies since it blocks fairly reasonable and leaves behind a body. Versus control it's supposed to shine, but I haven't played with it yet, and something else might be better in the two drop slot.

Mortify is really cool and a awesome reprint. However the deck does need some form of interaction on turn two against aggressive strategies, and it's really good versus most of the field we just had in standard. You could definitely change the removal choices in the future, but the exile effect is so good. Also the deck also runs Bedevil against planeswalkers and has a bit more utility. There is also curve considerations. If some enchantment based deck pops up I would like to run some if only in the sideboard

Kaya's Wrath mainboard is just a concession to week 1 standard where the meta is a lot more aggressive. Also we don't mind wrath the board since we got Afterlife triggers, Midnight Reaper or Adanto Vanguard

However I do believe that these two are flex spots. If you want to you could run more removal or creatures instead. I would not recommend going above 10 removal/wrath spells since it slows you way down versus control game 1.

Hope it clarified you thoughts on the deck choices. Spoilers are still coming so the deck might be due for a makeover depending on new cards!

Thanks again :)

January 8, 2019 9:04 a.m.

Font of Agonies for the side board to go with Adanto Vanguard and Midnight Reaper? Doom Whisperer could also a nice substitute for Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice if its worth the higher CMC.

January 9, 2019 12:08 p.m.

Sidebrowns says... #4

Im not sure i see where this really goes. Its not a bad deck by any means, but it feels kinda meh

January 9, 2019 7:55 p.m.

JeppeFugl says... #5

Sidebrowns Well it's a competitive midrange deck. They can be pretty meh if you are not into that kind of thing.

January 9, 2019 8:26 p.m.

PeachSchnaawps says... #6

I like the idea of this deck. It feels like a Boros Angels or Jeskai Midrange deck from GRN, but with a few different tricks.

How would you adapt this to fit the Bo1 format on Magic Arena? Deafening Clarion seems like the best sweeper against aggro decks but it conflicts with Seraph of the Scales and some of the cheaper creatures. Maybe it doesn't matter because of the afterlife effects?

Do you think this deck can benefit from some sort of value generating card? Theater of Horrors seems like an option, although I'm not sure how it will perform in practice (too slow?). I like the inclusion of Midnight Reaper. With all of the removal being printed, it seems like its highly possible that the big angel threats get answered and then you are reduced to hoping for good top decks.

January 10, 2019 12:44 p.m.

JeppeFugl says... #7

Zimmers_0 Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not a huge fan of Font of agonies in the sideboard. The games where you want to sideboard Font in, are the games we sideboard out the pieces that enable it. If I were to play card:Font of agonies it would be with Doom Whisperer and the rest you suggested, but that is a different deck. Wouldn't replace Aurelia unless it's for another 4 drop. Need to consider the curve.

PeachSchnaawps Thanks for the comment! Regarding Bo1 I dont have a good answer since I mainly expect to be playing this traditionally. However if I were to play this in bo1 I would look to change Adanto with something else. Linear aggressive decks are heavily played in Bo1 and Adanto is really bad against those strategies. You could also change Kaya's Wrath with Vraska Contempt to make up for a worse control matchup without Adanto. So I suggest changing Adanto with lets say Knight of Grace (it's fine versus aggressive decks and Golgari) or Tocatli Honor Guard main again (the free wins versus Golgari is nice). Not sure if I would take out Kaya's Wrath for Deafening Clarion unless it's tokens or mono red everywhere. Being able to take down Niv Mizzet og Carnage Tyrant is still valueable.

Theater of Horrors Seems a tad bit too slow for the maindeck. Getting some card advantage was one of the problems for Boros Angels (also why they dipped into Jeskai), and cutting the Resplendent Angel's for something like midnight Reaper should help mediate that. Also I might go back to Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip if the new card doesn't work out.

Thanks again for the comment! Love some suggestion and spitballing ideas. Let me know if you have more questions. I try to tune my newest decks each week so be sure to check back at any time :)

January 10, 2019 7:52 p.m.

GoneGold says... #8

Just a thought, love the deck but there will be a few powerful enchantments that will be played this stnd season, you might want to think about a few mortify main or sb. far as i can see you dont not have any enchantment removal at all

January 10, 2019 9:04 p.m.

JeppeFugl says... #9

GoneGold Thanks for the comment and suggestion. This version is kinda the beta version. We still dont dont know which decks are going to be tier 1. I've definitely considered adding Mortify. The sideboard is still a work in progress, but if Wilderness Reclamation decks become a real threat I would for sure add some to the sideboard, even mainboard.

January 10, 2019 9:22 p.m.