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Liege of the Mana.




Ok, for now I'm only using this for Casual gameplay but it's hopefully going to go to a tournament eventually :). The idea behind this deck is to get a crap load of mana on the battlefield asap, and thus big creatures out quite fast too. I added some cards to stop black decks from...Doomblade, Rise from the Grave, win. :P. I have play tested it a few times and it seems to be a very good deck that will do well, so wish me luck guys :) (and playing Leatherback Baloth on turn 2 is rather nice :D) And I couldn't find any Asceticisms in stock when I was shopping online so I just bought the foil versions for 4 bucks each...but it's so crucial I decided I had to. As for garruk...I'm not completely convinced he belongs in here but it works, the 2 mana ability is nice, a 3/3 is always nice, and his trample +3/+3 ability is great to finish a game so meh. :)


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