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So this deck is based around using Heartless Summoning to get big stuff out fast and really disrupt the opponent.

Obzedat seems pretty insane with a Sire of Insanity as he avoids all sorcery removal and instants don't stick about to be a worry most of the time when Sire's out.

Turn 3 Desecration Demon's and Master of Cruelties' are very strong plays as far as testing has gone and with the amount of removal it isn't hard to get a Master to hit on turn four taking them too 1.

In the side I have Merciless Eviction for troublesome boards or the Super Friends decks which seem increasingly popular at my LGS. Pillars are there primarily too deal with Voice of Resurgence and Searing Spears for if I come across another black deck and need something to take Doom Blade's place. Alms Beast is primarily there as with Heartless Summoning a 5/5 for 2 mana seems a pretty good trade regardless of his ability and lastly Blind Obedience for if I need to slow the opponent down a bit.


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