You dig around in the graveyard, and pick around in the filthy, rotting stuff. All while realizing in the end that you are just playing casually. Yuck.

Updated for more competitive play.


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-1 Unearth main
-2 Midnight Scavengers main
-1 Hooting Mandrills main
-2 Jungle Hollow main
+3 Thraben Foulbloods main
+4 Chainer's Edict main
-1 Graf Rats main
-2 Gurmag Angler main
+1 Ash Barrens main
+1 Dead Weight main
+1 Evolving Wilds main
+2 Crypt Incursion side
+2 Gnaw to the Bone side
+3 Natural State side
+3 Choking Sands side
+2 Duress side
+3 Nausea side