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This is your standard BG Zombie Aggro list with a few tweaks made for the Gatecrash Standard meta. It has done fairly well in FNMs so far and seems to be perfect against Bant and America control decks.

A nut draw would involve playing Experiment One turn one, Knight of Infamy or Lotleth Troll on turn two (Knight against white-based, Troll against everything else ESPECIALLY if you can sac a Gravecrawler or Diregraf Ghoul to it) and a Geralf's Messenger on turn three.

This deck also features a good removal suite that demolishes Boros Reckoner and has answers such as Victim of Night or Crippling Blight for creatures with a CMC greater than three.

(NOTE: Please do not tell me that I should switch to Jund or Orzhov Zombies. I know they are better lists, but I don't have the cash at the moment. I'm staying in the Golgari colors.)


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