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Eat your Greens

Modern Aggro Budget Mono-Green




Aggro-centered creature beatdown with lots of haste, trample and pumps. Turn 4/5 win or bust.

Let's break it down, from the bottom of the curve to the 4-drops:

Elvish Mystic: Mana ramp? In an aggro deck? Yeah. A turn 2 Groundbreaker is no laughing matter, and having 1 extra mana available can always help you to squeeze in a combat trick or a Fog. He can also be pumped and deliver damage when all else fails (opponents mostly won't be wasting removal on one little elf). Finally, chump blocking should give you the advantage against other aggressive decks.

Uktabi Drake : The footman. Deals beatings early on or can also deliver the finishing blow directly thanks to his flying.

Rancor: Best green aura ever printed. Has special synergy with this deck because cards with echo and Groundbreaker will be dying a lot.

Vines of Vastwood : +4/+4 and hexproof (kinda) for 2 mana is pretty insane. Also, you can target your opponent's creatures to prevent them from being buffed. Also, this is a common.

Giant Growth: All-purpose pump and combat trick. Feel free to mix them up with Primal Bellow if your opponent is stalling the game.

Primal Forcemage: With almost every creature in this deck having haste, this guy becomes a huge threat. It basically demands an immediate response from the opponent.

Dungrove Elder, Timbermare and Vengevine: The finishers. Dungrove is particularly helpful because, unlike the rest of the deck, he grows more powerful as time goes on. He is difficult to deal with, and by the time you put him on the table your opponent should've spent most of his removal/cleanups on your lesser bruisers. Vengevine acts similarly, coming back from the dead time and time again thanks to cheap creatures.

The sideboard is pretty intuitive. Fog against other aggressive decks. Harmonize for when you need more staying power. It's good against decks with lots of boardwipes. Beast Within deals with problematic artifacts/planeswalkers or even creatures. Finally, Savage Summoning is a great card against blue control.


Updates Add

Good news, everyone! My Local Game Store will be now including Modern in their regular FNM events. So there will be more of a chance to test this deck in a competitive environment. The main problem I sought to solve with this update was the "out of gas syndrome" that aggro decks often suffer from. You dump your hand so quickly that often you struggle with topdecking in order to finish the games. Many opponents of this deck got away with 1 point of life, and that ain't pretty.

The following changes have been applied:

-2 Vengevine, +2 Garruk Wildspeaker : Vengevine is a great card, but playing two creatures in one turn was surprisingly much more difficult than I thought. This guy came back from the grave on like one out of twenty games and was simply not pulling his weight.

Garruk may actually help us to squeeze in those much-needed last points of damage.

-3 Timbermare, +3 Noxious Revival: Timbermare was too easy to deal with and could often screw you out of attacking with other creatures.

thatguy42 suggested Noxious Revival a while back. It's been a great fit. Recycling is good, kids!

-4 Elvish Mystic, +4 Birds of Paradise: Simply because evasion is always a plus.

With these our average CMC drops enough to take out a Forest. I added a Dungrove Elder in its place. Dungrove was consistently the "best" finisher in the deck simply because of his hexproof.

-2 Giant Growth +2 Giant Solifuge : Ever have a hand with too many pumps and no creatures to use them on? Yeah. Since part of Dungrove Elder's success was due to his resistance to removal, I decided to try out this guy. With trample and haste, he seems a good fit.

Thank you all for your feedback. Gonna take this list to the FNM ASAP and post results.

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