Casual fun with Curse of the Cabal , Temporal Extortion and Panoptic Mirror combos.

I'm looking for advice to make the deck even better. All suggestions are welcome! :)

My main mission is to force my opponent to give me more turns and eventually end the game by abusing Panoptic Mirror

EDIT: Playtesting suggests that this deck does very well in multiplayer, it does however need tweeking in 1v1. Against undying aggro it needs suggestions..

UPDATE: I have added Dark Ritual to speed up things - now I can pop Panoptic Mirror in turn three which does a lot to keep the preasure on early!


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After adding Dark Rituals the deck is more smooth than ever. I can drop Curse of the Cabal in turn two if he ramps like crazy. Panoptic Mirror can be popped in turn three with a spare mana for Innocent Blood to be imprinted.

It has been suggested, that I focus more on damage output, but as deck runs now it has plenty. The Panoptic Mirror will copy Temporal Extortion whenever possible and make my opponent loose 10 life in the first go - after all, unlimited turns for me is not in his favour. The Sorin's Vengeance will finish the job. I add one Corrupt in case I face a life gaining deck.

The bad stuff: Playing multiplayer will paint a big fat target on your life total when your opponents realise that you can get unlimited turns. It's very funny though to hear them squabble about who should pay half their life to cancel Temporal Extortion. Curse of the Cabal becomes much more threatening in multiplayer as each opponent knows not to overextend while it is suspended.


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