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My most streamlined Eldrazi mana-ramping deck to date.

Ok, I admit, maybe not the MOST streamlined that it could be, but I can only work with cards that I actually have.

As per standard for a deck such as this Elvish Archdruid serves as a big mana producer, and pumps up the other elves, most of which also provide mana-ramping like Llanowar Elves and the power to untap forests provided by Arbor Elf. The biggest surprise, however, lies in Elvish Piper, which with a single green mana can turn your 15-mana-costing Emrakul, the Aeons Torn into a quick 1-coster to lay waste to your opponents, as well as the other Eldrazi.

Fauna Shaman is great for some evil combos, I need to get more to put in here. Send any creatures to the grave to bring another from your deck to your hand. Bring an Elvish Piper and summon that Emrakul earlier than expected. Send It That Betrays and bring an Artisan of Kozilek to put in play, bringing out two Eldrazi for the price of one.

All those who worship the Eldrazi, join and tell me what you feel about the deck.


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