A really fun infinite-mana combo in MTGDOM standard! Essentially if you have a Cogwork Assembler and 4 Powerstone Shards in play you can generate infinite colorless mana. You can use this mana to generate infinite hasty cogwork assemblers and powerstone shards, or draw your entire deck with infinite Prophetic Prisms and get an easy Metalwork Colossus or two out. Artificer's Assistant, Glint-Nest Crane, Opt, and Trophy Mage dig for our combo pieces and set up our draws. Padeem, Consul of Innovation and Sequestered Stash protect stuff at home with hexproof and recursion. The backup plan is to jam as many artifacts as possible, drop a Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp or two, and finish them off with The Antiquities War!

The sideboard plan is to either fill the board up with Efficient Construction's thopters to put up chump blockers, control the opponent's board state with a few metalic rebukes and Pacification Arrays, or throw in the Tezzeret the Schemer and Scrapheap Scroungers and hope we dig into a prism to use them.

Hope you can find this fun or useful, haven't seen much built around this combo yet. Any help with the deck or sideboard is more than welcome. Just keep in mind I'm trying to keep it budget friendly.

As always, keep on keeping on!


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