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Many Ways To Win! Vengevine and Bloodghast come straight back from the grave onto the battlefield. Cadaver Imp can bring other creatures back into your hand to reuse. Mitotic Slime, Grave Titan, Awakening Zone, Pawn of Ulamog, and Master of the Wild Hunt all produce tokens that can be eaten by Bloodthrone Vampire and Vampire Aristocrat . Eldrazi Monument gives everything evasion and a p/t boost all for one creature.Sideboard contains removal, evasion, and another win condition in the forms of Doom Blade, Deathmark , Necrotic Plague, Canopy Cover, and Overwhelming StampedeSuggestions are appreciated! I am trying to keep all the cards in the ROE&M11 sets so I do not have to change much when the blocks rotate in the Fall.

Took out Predator&Invader for Birds


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