Back From the Grave


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Many Ways To Win! Vengevine and Bloodghast come straight back from the grave onto the battlefield. Cadaver Imp can bring other creatures back into your hand to reuse. Mitotic Slime , Grave Titan , Awakening Zone , Pawn of Ulamog , and Master of the Wild Hunt all produce tokens that can be eaten by Bloodthrone Vampire and Vampire Aristocrat . Eldrazi Monument gives everything evasion and a p/t boost all for one creature.Sideboard contains removal, evasion, and another win condition in the forms of Doom Blade , Deathmark , Necrotic Plague , Canopy Cover , and Overwhelming Stampede Suggestions are appreciated! I am trying to keep all the cards in the ROE&M11 sets so I do not have to change much when the blocks rotate in the Fall.

Took out Predator&Invader for Birds

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This deck is not Modern legal.

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Illegal cards Vampire Aristocrat , Master of the Wild Hunt
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