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Astro Jeskai Monk Prowess (Pauper)

Pauper RUW (Jeskai, America) Tribal


My desire was to build a nicely thematic deck with kungfu monks. The Prowess mechanism seemed to be the best ability in common to focus on.

The Rebound mechanism for Artful Maneuver and Emerge Unscathed are really great with Prowess: you basically get a free activation at upkeep. I started building this deck with more cards using Rebound, but found in practice that Expedite and Temur Battle Rage gave more value because once opponents see what Prowess does, leaving summoning sick monks on the battleground for a turn just encouraged heavy removal. Speaking of that, Journey to Nowhere is here to try and stop big threats that come out. All these spells and casting the Acrum’s Astrolabe are Prowess triggers.

Of course, Arcum's Astrolabe is there for colour fixing because we’re running and ambitious three! Prophetic Prism is a back-up astrolabe and you could even run another. They all have great synergy with Glint Hawk , which can bounce back to your hand and allow you to play the astrolabe again just for card draw...and also as another Prowess trigger. Glint Hawk is nice to have around for flying damage and blocks regardless. Ponder and Distant Melody are there for card advantage too. This deck is mostly humans but it is low on total creatures, so there may be something better than distant melody. If you lose Jeskai Sage you can draw a card too. I’m testing an Elusive Spellfist to see how its unblockable ability plays out. The lifelink that Prowess gives Seeker of the Way is really great, which makes it pretty much an insta-target for opponents.

Ash Barrens fantastic cycling ability that allows you to fetch a land and play it for your turn explains why the card is getting expensive, and it’s here to help if you can’t get the Astrolabe or Prism online soon enough.

The old-school snow-covered islands even come with nicely thematic snow-covered monks! ;-)

I have had some success with this deck. It is fun to play. I am looking for advice on some good sideboard options. I’ve just been focusing on getting the deck working.


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