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Out -1 Elvish Herder -2 Bequeathal

In +1 Tragic Slip +2 Scattershot Archer

More removal, and anti flying You should hope to have a Archer in your opening hand.


Out -1 Namless Inversion, -4 Bequathal -1 Elvish Herder

In +2 Diabolic Edict +3 Gleeful Sabotage +1 Tragic Slip


Out -3 Tragic Slip -1 Nameless Inversion -1 Elvish Herder -2 Bequeathal

In +3 Gleeful Sabotage +2 Diaolic Edict +2 Serene Heart

Lots of Enchantment kill leaving them only subpar creatures, use them to make good blocks if you can.


Out -1 Elvish Herder -1 Nest Invader -1 Bloodflow Connoisseur

In +1 Tragic Slip +2 Diabolic Edict

Again try and keep Devotion Low, and combo out.


Out -1 Nameless Inversion -1 Wirewood Herald

+2 Diabolic Edict

just more removal, you should be able to combo out, and then win.

Deliver Fiend

Out - 4 Bequeathal -3 Nest Invader

In +4 Duress +1 Tragic Slip +2 Diabolic Edict

Hand control, and more creature kill, they play few creatures, so keep them off the creatures.

Slivers/Goblins/Stompy/White Weenie

Out -1 Elivish Herder -2 Bloodflow Connoisseur -1 Wirewood Herald

In +1 Tragic Slip +2 Diabolic Edict +1 Essence Warden

Anti Aggro Package, with the infinite lifegain packege included.

Boros Kitty/Azorious Kitty

Out -1 Ivy Lane Denizen -1 Bloodflow Connoisseur -1 Nest Invader -1 Wirewood Herald

In +1 Tragic Slip +2 Diabolic Edict +1 Essence Warden

Lifegain, and kill, should help you combo out. They want to go midrange, you want to combo out. Get the combo going and win.


Out -3 Tragic Slip -1 Nameless Inversion -1 Diabolic Edict

In +4 Duress +1 Essense Warden

Infinite Life Gain, and Discard, should help you combo out.


Out -4 Bequethal, -1 Tragic Slip

In +4 Duress +1 Essence Warden.

Use the discard to stick the Ivy Lane, and then they cant really do anything to stop you from combing off, with the Life Gain combo they shouldn't be able to stop you.

Tortured E

Out -3 Tragic Slip -1 Nameless Inversion

In +4 Duress Combo Vs Midrange, You combo out quck, you win. Use discard to keep them off not creature spells.


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