If you flicker a creature with haste during the declared attack step can it be assigned as an attacker again?

Asked by j05h 9 months ago

To set the scene:

-I have a Changeling Berserker in play that has championed a Bloodline Necromancer

-I have a Viscera Seer and a Sanctum Seeker in play.

-It is the declared attacker step. I declare my Changeling Berserker as an attacker to trigger Sanctum Seeker

-I then sacrifice the Berserker to Viscera Seer during the declared attacker step bringing back Bloodline Necromancer who in turn brings back and is championed by the Changeling Berserker

-I'm sure this loop between the Changeling and the Necromancer isn't entirely unknown to many players, but the question is can I redeclare the Changeling Berserker as an attacker to trigger my Sanctum Seeker given that it is still the declared attackers step, it has haste, and has entered as a new object? Rinse and repeat for as much life loss as I want?

If no, please explain why.

Epochalyptik says... Accepted answer #1

No. You can't ever redeclare attackers. You declare attackers once as a turn-based action at the beginning of the declare attackers step. After that, players get priority. Once you reach this point, you are "locked in," so to speak, and can't add, remove, or change attackers.

February 10, 2018 1:05 a.m.

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