This deck has been floating around, but it's time to shine has come. The traditional problems it faced were massive card disadvantage if a Scepter is destroyed (countering it is just a 1 for 1) and a difficulty getting to turn 4 (when you can drop and activate it before untapping again). Days Undoing goes a long way to mitigating both of these problems. Abrupt Decay is still really harsh, but, as scepter is the only real target for it, boarding it out for Meddling Mage or possibly Hindering Light seems like it greatly increases your postboard chances. Gigadrowse (with lands) or Silence on Scepter with TeferI out is a hard lock, and Boomerang on a stick stops land buildup. If you get a few Boomerangs or Cryptic bounces before casting Days Undoing (with 5 or more lands out), not only do you get land advantage, but your cards will on average have a better land/spell ratio for late game winning. Delay is a hard counter into exile if Teferri hits the board or Silence is cast at the start of Opponent's upkeep, and a hard counter with the single Pull From Eternity. Speaking of which, Pull let's you grab stuck imprinted cards if the Scepter gets jacked or if you bounce it for an upgrade, it also let's you have potentially infinite Days Undoing, especially when the single Noxious Revival is considered. On that note, Noxious on a Scepter with a Cryptic in the yard and 6 or more lands out is a soft lock as long as one of the Cryptic modes is always draw a card. Noxious also let's you hit land drops with fetches if you have a hand full of spells and let's you recycle Boomerang if you have a hand of lands and a Days Undoing.


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