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Infect... Counter... Proliferate...


Fun Fact: This deck is almost entirely comprised of cards printed in 'Phyrexia: All is One' (ONE): 58 out of the total 75.

12 cards in the mainboard, and 5 in the sideboard, are from from (DMU) & (BRO).

Three particular cards were printed in 'Phyrexia: All is One' (ONE) that effectively birthed a new archetype:

A cantrip, a draw spell, and a non-targeting Edict.

Looks like something that would fit into a basic -Control shell quite nicely...

All three prongs of a basic -Control shell are present:

Hand Destruction (placeholders for Thoughtseize)


Creature Destruction

Due to the fact that I have no idea what kind of meta I am likely to find myself in, the thought of planning my sideboard around specific match-ups that I may, or may not, ever encounter just felt superfluous— at best..

...then I had an idea...

Due to the complete lack of non-land permanents (beyond Vraska) to use removal on (game-1), it is likely that an opponent would sideboard-out most of their relevant removal. I then use this opportunity to sideboard-in six cards to aggressively switch-up the function of the deck, game(s) 2/3..

The Arena is great source of steady card draw for going the distance. But more importantly, Phyrexian Obliterator: The absolute UNIT that is as overpowered as it is underappreciated, has been my favorite card ever since I started playing mtg. So I couldn't pass up the opportunity to use my set of original foil copies from 'New Phyrexia' (NPH) in a Standard format..

The fancy basic Swamp replaces a slightly less fancy basic Island, for the sake of casting Obliterators more reliably..

The other 9 cards in the sideboard are there to tweak the -Control shell as-needed..


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