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Here's how this deck works. Basically, it's a Spellweaver Helix deck; discard fun sorceries with Careful Study or Frantic Search, and then imprint one of them and a Mystic Speculation on the helix, then keep recasting it!

However, I wanted this deck to be somewhat different and exciting everytime I played it, so instead of having a normal decklist, it's got a 50-card standardized decklist, plus a large sideboard. Everytime you play, pick 10 random cards from the sideboard and sub them in. The main deck includes 1 each of Cruel Ultimatum(because it's the most reliable wincon), Merciless Eviction(because it's the most versatile removal), and Sins of the Past(because it's just really good).

If you're worried about removal messing you up, then just swap out 4 of the big Sorceries for 4 Turn Aside or something similar.


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