I got this idea from this thread and ran with it to make it my own. Credit to you good sir

https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/05-11-19-awP-jurassic-park/ What works well: ***Nyktho... SO MUCH MANA! Grea Devotion with the 5-drops

-If you don't get a creature tap for Mana start over. If you do and it survives you have a turn 3 heavy hitter. IF you get two you can get a 5/5 turn 3.

  • The "Fight" mechanic lets you "damage" your own cards for card draw or land drop.

-Consulates let you tap non-hasty heavies for a 7/11 boat.

-There are so many big things to kill.

  • Several ways to draw cards.

What DOESNT work well- -If they kill your mana creature you go from a turn 3 to turn 4-5 which can hurt. - This is a kill quick kill hard deck. If they run black/blue discard/kill Shifting Ceratops will be your friend.

The reason behind some cards:

Consulate Dreadnoughts are great first turn drops when you have a Dover but not an elf. Its useful when you bring in these heavy hitters and they dont have haste. It seems like a waste but it has saved my hide more times in 1v1 than i can count.

Ghalta and Shifting Ceratops are great sideboards that are meant to pair with Vivien for maximum pressure.Thats why i have two in my sideboard.

I am totally open to suggestions thanks everyone!


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Hey, Thanks for taking the time to read this. I would love feedback on the following

A. Do you think 73 cards is ok considering the play of this? B. What would you take out for counts sake? C. Would you swap out cards? If so which ones?

(I know there is another 7/6 trample but it was too high cost for this deck unless there is a case for it)


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