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Rakdos Storm



So, let's talk about Storm. Storm is this fun little mechanic that Wizards hates because it is degenerate and ridiculous. Also, it's hilarious to play.

This is a Rakdos Storm deck that uses Pyromancer's Ascension and Waste Not as its engines. The Ascension copies spells, which is just a super useful thing to have for Storm. Waste Not gets you things when your opponent discards.

So you play the usual stuff for Storm like the rituals and Manamorphose. Where this deck gets spicy is the discard package. You make your opponent discard to get stuff from Waste Not AND to prevent them from doing anything. It's cool.

Card by Card:

Bloodstained Mire: It's a fetch land in black and red. What more is there to say?

Polluted Delta: It's a fetch land that gets swamps. This one could be split to have 2 Delta and 2 Wooded Foothills, but for now I'm happy with the Deltas.

Blood Crypt: It's a dual land that you can get with any of the fetches.

Swamp/Mountain: Doing a 2/3 split is pretty good. Having that red mana is pretty crucial when you can to play lots of rituals.

Waste Not: This is one of the main engine cards of the deck. You aim to make your opponent discard to get some good stuff. You can either get a 2/2 zombie, two black mana, draw a card depending on what is discarded. All of these are good options.

Pyromancer's Ascension: This is the other main engine of the deck. This card will make copies of your spells once you meet the requirements. After that, it can copy your mana accelerants to make a bunch of mana OR make your opponent discard even more cards.

Simian Spirit Guide: You know what isn't fair? Fast mana. This card provides some much needed mana acceleration to help combo off faster. It can help give that one extra mana to combo off or, if you're lucky, let you play a turn one Ascension or Waste Not.

Desperate Ritual/Pyretic Ritual: These are essentially the same card, so they're grouped together. They cost two mana but give three mana. We need mana to play spells. They're an easy playset of both. Copying these with the Ascension just feels wonderful.

Manamorphose: This is like the rituals in that it can provide you mana, but in this case it helps fix your mana. It also draws a card, which we need lots of when trying to combo off. When you get to copy this with the Ascension, you get extra mana and cards. Also an easy playset.

Duress: In order to fully utilize the power of Waste Not, an discard package is needed. This is the first discard spell. Duress makes the opponent discard a noncreature, nonland card, which will draw us a card from Waste Not. This could probably be replaced with Inquisition of Kozilek and be put into the sideboard. For now, it is a fine spell.

Raven's Crime: The second discard spell. One problem that most discard spells have is that they're restrictive in what they can make the opponent discard. Duress only hits noncreature, nonland; Despise only hits creatures and planeswalkers; Inquisition of Kozilek has a mana restriction and only hits noncreature, nonland; Thoughtsieze only hits noncreature, nonland. Raven's Crime lets your opponent choose the card, so it can actually make your opponent discard a land, giving you more black mana to play more spells.

Burning Inquiry: This is probably one of the best discard spells in the deck. It doesn't target, so it gets around hexproof. It gives THREE Waste Not triggers. After you pick apart your opponent's hand with your other discard spells, this just says get three Waste Not triggers. It can also help you dig deeper into your own deck if you're looking for combo pieces. Also, don't be worried about discarding stuff. You can just get it back later.

Past in Flames: This is one of the spells that just helps provide card advantage through recursion. Giving pretty much every spell in the deck flashback lets us play more spells in a turn to get the Storm count high.

Dream Salvage: Okay, what a spicy little card this is. Imagine this situation: You have one active Ascension. You play a Raven's Crime (and of course copy it with Ascension), so your opponent discards two cards. You play Burning Inquiry (again, copying it) and your opponent discards six cards. You play Dream Salvage; your opponent has discarded eight cards this turn, so you draw 16 cards. How's that for refilling your hand? Just a word of caution: be careful with this card and Burning Inquiry, as both can easily make you deck yourself.

Grapeshot: We need to actually win, right? This is how we do it. Play a bunch of spells, then play this card to deal damage to their face. You can also use this to wipe your opponent's board if you need an extra turn or two to get enough resources to truly combo off.

I will regularly update with the record of how many cards have been drawn with Dream Salvage. Current record: 24.


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