Probably not especially viable! Mostly the criterion for this deck is:

1) I have a pretty limited budget, 2) I really like valkyries conceptually, 3) I want to play FNM at my local without spending one billion dollars (see point 1).

The core idea is to leverage lifegain token generation along with anthems and counters to build a board of flying monsters very very quickly; doubly dangerous if Firja's Retribution is allowed to make it to stage 3 with creatures on your side of the board.

I'm pretty new to magic in general, and this is the first modern deck I've built, so suggestions are always appreciated.


Updates Add

Removed: x4 Fetid Heath, x2 Serra Avenger, x2 Speaker of the Heavens, x2 Path to Exile, x2 Segovian Angel

Added: x4 Legion Angel, x3 Plains, x2 Resplendent Angel, x2 Vindicate, x2 Firja's Retribution, x1 Great Hall of Starnheim

Notes: Put Resplendent back in, added Legion for the card advantage factor. Added Great Hall for token conversion, removed Heath for cost reasons. Replaced 2 Paths with Vindicate for noncreature removal. Replaced 2 Segovians with 2 more Firja's for consistency.


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