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Hey All! So after consideration, I've decided I should have atleast one modern-ready deck at my disposal. The type? burn, baby. (But different)

This deck does a number of things: Cheat out Combustible Gearhulk and dumping 15 or more cmc worth of damage in the grave, or playing Riddle of Lightning and burning with cmc, also this deck is choked full of burn spells too to protect me and finish my opponent off, aswell as Blast of Genius for card draw and discarding big cmc for big damage.


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I had an absolute blast at my first real modern night! A big thanks to all my opponents for solid matches and game advice. I went 0-4 but I won a few games which is totally reasonable for a deck like this! I'll give it a few tweaks for the meta and get it ready for next week! Matches 1: I was up against tron. Luckily, no early aggression so we both played and passed until ulamog was dropped and crippled my mana base. Onto game 2. I get him real low with burn, but lose to an emrakul|emrakul, the promised end

Match 2: i think eldrazi tron? I have a hard time remembering exactly, but Im pretty sure it was that. Quick 0-2.

Match 3: Scapeshift One of my funnest matches so far. Can't get my kill w/ Riddle of Lightning before he Scapeshifted Game 2 I played Destructive Force after he played pact of summoning. Game 3 I got scapeshifted again. Best game of the night as we both were racing each other to lethal.

Match 4: eldrazi tron Thought-Knot Seer is a bitch. Add Eldrazi Displacer and it's crippling.

All in all, I learned that my meta is very tron heavy, and reliant on lands. Luckily, red has a ton of land disruption. I will probably add Crumble to Dust and fix the mana so i can add 4x ceremonius rejection. I had a very fun time though, lots of funny friendly players.


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