This is a very simple deck that I designed some time ago. Its main goal is to build a defensive force of smaller creatures, such as Hovermyr and Vault Skirge before eventually finishing off opponents with larger creatures, such as Master of Etherium, Steel Hellkite, and Wurmcoil Engine, with MoE also serving a support role to make the other creatures more powerful. Phyrexian Metamorph can copy any creature in the deck, but I primarily use it for additional MoE's, although additional steel hellkites or wurmcoil engines are also very nice. Dispatch and Stoic Rebuttal help to eliminate threats, and Chromatic Lantern ensures that I am able to cast everything in the deck.

I originally designed this deck to be a modern deck, but, as the artifact lands are banned in that format, I instead shall classify it as a casual deck, since I doubt that it is sufficiently powerful to be a legacy deck. I originally had four copies of Temple of the False God in this deck, but I removed two of them in favor of Inventors' Fair when Kaldesh was released and the other two for Etched Champion, since the locus lands provided more than sufficient mana. I have contemplated putting Cranial Plating in this deck, but I am not certain what cards I would remove for it.

I would very much appreciate any feedback that anyone has to offer, so please let me know what you think of it. Thank you very much.


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