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This was the first FNM that I've ever won! I went 4-0 with this deck at my local shop. I'm not going to pretend that it didn't have plenty to do with Olivia Voldaren, but I actually only got her out in my two last-round games and one other game where I used her as removal and then attacked into Rebuke foolishly (which was my only loss for the night and took us to a perilously close game 3!)

I'm really happy with how the drafting went. Olivia was P1P1, Brimstone Volley was P2P1, and Dead Weight was P3P1. The Dead Weight was a little disappointing but then I got passed stuff to just fill out my curve all through Pack 3 and a Stromkirk Noble P3P5. It actually was sitting next to a SECOND Brimstone Volley, and I thought about that for a long time before finally taking the Noble I hadn't had a chance to play with him yet and I had the feeling he could be pretty insane against some matchups (which he was).

I won 12 packs, kept 10 on credit at my shop so I can draft 2 more times for free in the future, and took 2 packs home. Nothing much in them, unfortunately, (two junk rares and two common flip cards) but you can only get so lucky in one night I suppose. :)


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