Hey guys! This is my first published deck, so I hope you enjoy. The deck's goal is to meet Mechanized Production's win conditions (8 of the same creature on your side of the battlefield) by summoning an army of servo tokens as fast as possible.

Here's the card breakdown:

Key Card:

Mechanized Production :This is your primary win condition! Get this in play as soon as possible, and keep it there! Plus, it can help make more servos, too, with its copy ability.

Ways to Get Servos:

Servo Exposition:Gives you two servos for two mana. What more can you want?

Sram's Expertise:Summons three servos and lets you cast a free spell. The more the merrier!

Master Trinketeer:And of course, the Servo Lord. Not only powers up your servos a bit so they don't immediately get killed, but can make more too.

Angel of Invention :Powers up everything, including your servos so they last a bit longer, and can make some with its fabricate ability too. Also, you can attack with it and heal from its lifelink to buy you some more time to get your servos on the field.

Glint-Sleeve Artisan , Propeller Pioneer , Visionary Augmenter :These creatures serve as your primary blockers, and can provide you with some servos through fabricate, too.

Removal Spells:

Fatal Push:This shouldn't need explaining.

Battle at the Bridge:A personal favorite of mine. Uses your artifacts to kill or weaken stuff, and heals you too.

Other Cards:

Merchant's Dockhand :Provides some early game support and lets you cycle through your deck a bit faster and get the cards you need with its draw ability

Padeem, Consul of Innovation:Protects your servos and can potentially draw you some cards too. Try to always keep one in play.

Sideboard:As of now, my sideboard mostly just consists of cards that I really wanted to include, but didn't quite have room for. Please comment if you have any suggestions.


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