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Rogue's Unblockable deck

Legacy Aggro Control Tribal



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This deck is meant to be played with friends, since it's not legal in any format, the deck strategy is to deal as much damage as you can in few turns and kill your opponent fast and easy.Attack with your Triton Shorestalker or Prickly Boggart on turn 2 to activate Stinkdrinker Bandit's prowl cost. On turn 3 you can play pretty much every other Rogue, Earwig Squad is great for example.Oona's Prowler and Noggin Whack are here to remove everything that can stop your cancer from spreading and killing your opponent. Use Morsel Theft and Thieves' Fortune when you can to speed up your deck and take advantage on the enemy and finish him even faster. I hope you like this deck,it's fun and easy to play.Sorry for my bad english.


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