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Red Deck Wins! (Now with Green!)

Pioneer Aggro Arena Mono-Red Red Deck Wins RG (Gruul)


Church of The Three

An honest deck for players who "can't math right" but want to win.

Multiples of three are usually the best kind. Three damage(Now thats a lotta damage!), three counters, three free mana, three types of bolts, three types of non-basic lands, and three copies each of three important answers. My teacher once tried to explain to me how numbers occasionally go higher then three, I recommended to the principle that she be burned at the stake.

Blasphemers need not attempt to pilot this. Just gonna get your mind broke.

Even those who follow closely to the path of The Three might find this setup a bit aggressive. Please use restraint when teaching lessons of pain to friends. I don't need them lawyering up and demanding to know where you found such power and then them suing my three butt cheeks off.

For those looking to smight the unworthy, look no further. This is power, this is da wae, this is probably not going to get you invited back to play child's card game....


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